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Day: January 9, 2021

5 Things to Look For to Find the Right Real Estate Agent

Life is full of meaningful moments and selling (or buying) a home is one of them. It can also be a stressful time, both emotionally and financially. This is why it is crucial to find the right real estate agent to take care of the sale. But how do you know when you have found the right agent for you?

To help you pick the one who will make your selling journey a smooth, stress-free and successful experience, we have listed 5 must-haves. So, when hiring a real estate agent, make sure to look for:

Local market expertise

This one is a given, the agent you choose to sell your house must be a local expert. The right real estate agent is the one who is aware of the latest real estate market trends in your area. It includes knowing what recently sold for what price, the properties for sale in your neighbourhood, how they compare to yours, etc.

You want to pick an agent who lives and breathes the area, knows all the ins and outs, and simply loves the community. Someone who can share about his favorite cafes or restaurants near your home, the people and the evolution of the neighborhood, the reasons why choosing to live in the area is a no-brainer, etc.

But it also needs to be someone with experience, connected to the local property market, aware of what buyers are looking for, and with a proven track record with tangible results. Don’t hesitate to ask for references and get in touch with previous clients to get a better idea of the agent’s local market expertise.

Great communication

Real Estate is a people business more than a property business. And there is no great sale without great communication. The right agent is the one who knows how to listen so that they can tailor their service to your specific needs and expectations.

Finding the right agent for you is about looking for the one with whom communication feels natural and easy, and suits your style. For example, do you prefer emails, text messages or phone calls? Do you need answers right away, or are you happy to show a bit of patience? Everyone functions and manages time their own way, so the agent you decide to go with should be the one that fits your expectations. We buy houses in Kearney NE

You might not need to be in touch every day, but make sure you hire someone who communicates well, with clarity. And someone happy to make themselves available when required. To improve communication with their clients, some real estate agents use apps.

Great communication will allow you and your real estate agent to work well towards achieving a common goal, but don’t forget to put yourself also in the buyer’s shoes. Think about how the real estate agent communicates with potential buyers. Is the agent easy to approach and deal with? The best way to evaluate this is to attend open houses at other properties managed by the agent.

Trust and transparency

Like in any relationship, trust and transparency are keys for a successful outcome. And the best way for an agent to earn your trust is to listen and be transparent. You will want someone who also makes sure that you stay realistic when it comes to what you can expect from the sale.

You should choose a real estate agent who is not afraid of telling you the truth, even when knowing you might not like it. A common sensitive topic to discuss would be the price you are asking for your home. No matter your expectations, a good agent should always provide you with an honest, realistic appraisal, based on facts.

You should feel like, no matter the question, the agent will always answer truthfully and with your best interest at heart. Don’t shy away from hard topics, such as fees and the reasons why an agent might charge more than another one.

Drive and passion

Drive and passion are key attributes of a great real estate agent. These qualities will not only fuel the agent’s local market knowledge, but they are also a great asset to guarantee the best outcome for your sale. Indeed, a motivated agent, who takes pride in achieving the best result, will always be happy to go above and beyond.

Finding the right agent for you is about identifying the one happy to take you on a journey and who genuinely has your best interest at heart. Look for an agent who will look under rocks to find potential buyers for your home, not someone who will just put a few ads online, sit back and wait.

Drive and passion are also crucial to keep up with change. Whether it is the law, processes, technology, real estate is an ever-changing industry. You don’t sell today as you did only ten or even five years ago. The best real estate agents always have their finger on the pulse, so they can make the most of every opportunity to showcase a property.

A strong intuition

This one is not about the real estate agent, but what you feel and what your intuition is whispering to you. Paying attention to your gut feeling is another great way to tell if you managed to find the right real estate agent for you.

How to Know You Found the One (Property You Want to Buy)

House hunting is a bit like online dating. You might get a few matches, but how to know you found THE one you want to buy? Even if it feels right, doubt can be part of the equation. Buying a home is a big commitment, which is why it is entirely normal to feel a bit shaky when the time comes to make an offer.

But when you know, you know, and you might very well be 100% ready to take the plunge. However, if you want to double-check that your intuition is right before sealing the deal, look for these 6 signs that will confirm you are about to make the right move.

You feel it in your heart

It all starts with a feeling. Right away, the place you are visiting feels like home. Sometimes this happens even before entering the property. In most cases, trusting your intuition is the right thing to do. When you know that it is right for you, that it is meant to be, you always feel it in your heart.

The property ticks all the boxes

Before you started house hunting, you should have prepared a list of all your must-haves, as well as your deal breakers. Does the property tick all the boxes? Try this commercial movers phoenix az

You can’t deny the facts, so if the house or apartment you have a crush on matches all your criteria, then it is probably the one. But don’t forget to check that you can’t identify any deal breaker.

It feels like the stars are aligning

Everything seems to be right: the timing, the location, the price the seller is asking. Moreover, your finances are in order, the bank has approved the loan you applied for, and you feel 100% ready to take the leap. When the stars align, it is always a good sign.

You project yourself in this home

As soon as the inspection of the house or apartment began, you started projecting yourself. You imagine how you will arrange the furniture in the living room or what colour you will paint the walls in your new bedroom.

You remember that couch you had spotted that would perfectly fit the space and get excited about the fact you will have enough space in the kitchen to really cook.

You might also think about where you will set up your home office or how to start growing your own veggies in the garden. Again, another sign that you might have found your new home.

It is all you can think and talk about

You can’t stop thinking and talking about it. You have slept it on it (maybe a few times), and the excitation doesn’t fade. On the contrary, all you want is to go back.

You share your excitement and tell everyone about it. You might even get upset and defensive if someone you share the photos and description with makes a criticism. This is another clear sign that you found the one.

You don’t feel like visiting more homes

No matter the number of potential homes you have inspected so far, you don’t feel like house-hunting anymore. Other houses or apartments you were looking forward to visiting have all lost their attractiveness, and you don’t feel curious about them anymore.

The excitement is gone, and you feel like you have no more energy to run from one inspection to another. Because you know you found the one.

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